Ways to Have Effective Live Chat Support

An increasing number websites are offering live chat support for their customers to ensure that they can resolve their customers’ concerns in real time. Customers can get technical support as well as have their questions answered simply by initiating a chat with the live agents of the website. This immediate interaction comes with many benefits for your online business. Not only do you get to offer customer satisfaction, but it also increases the chances of having return clients, which will increase your business’ profit margins. However, investing in live chat support is not the only step in providing this service. You have to know how to make the most of it to see the returns it can offer your business. Here are some of the ways of having effective live chat service for your online business.

live chat support1. Invest in quality software: A common mistake that most people make is by believing that quality software translates into complicated software. The truth of the matter though is that the more complex it is to use your live chat support, the more frustrated your customers will be and will probably not come back to your website. When considering quality software, the first thing to consider would be usability. To prevent having irate customers, ensure the software you select is user friendly. A good way of doing this is not to purchase the first type of software you come across. Instead, have a list of those that you are willing to consider and request for a trial version. This will give you a better idea on what would work best for your business as well as your customers.

2. Make use of the additional features: Live chat support is not simply about providing basic customer service to your clients. There are numerous other features that come with this type of software that are all designed to benefit your website. Some of the features help in gathering information about the customers that visit your site. This information could include their geographical location, the pages they are most interested in, the keywords that are most frequently used and so on. You can then use this information in streamlining your website in accordance to your customers’ needs. Knowing the various buying habits of your customers can enable you to know how to target them better.

3. Position the chat button visibly: A common mistake is not placing the chat button at a convenient location. Placing it right at the buy button on your site could increase your sales conversion rate.

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4 Misconceptions about SEO Companies

Search engine optimization is commonly misinterpreted and it is the reason why a lot of businesses are not able to make the most of it. Around 93 percent of web activity starts out with some kind of search engine. Here are 5 of the toughest misconceptions about generating traffic through SEO companies.

1. SEO companies can promise the top spot.

SEOIt is just not possible to pay any individual to obtain the number one rank of any search engine. For those who are paying any SEO provider to perform the task for them, understand that they may just be taking some of the job. They could be carrying out issues the proper way, but no one can certainly warrant the highest spot for an incredibly competitive keyword or phrase. It is very likely that the other websites on the first page may also be hiring individuals to provide them with help. For that reason, they actually cancel out each other. The only method for this to work is by being the only individual with a professional working for you.

2. Google gives authority to some SEO companies.

It is always recommended to search for and hire agencies that specialize in SEO to assist with a business’ optimizing needs. The works of a specialist may bring actual benefits which may not be achieved otherwise. The challenge of this is that a lot of websites are determined to make it appear like they are authorized by Google. People subscribe to this. Possessing an AdWords accreditation does not necessarily certify that they are approved by Google. Google carries a tight policy on neutrality. They will not associate themselves with just about any search engine optimization agency or consultant. When they do, this may not be fair to all the other competitors and would critically go against both ethical and moral standards.

3. SEO companies can just focus on a dedicated Landing Page.

Dedicated landing pages tend not to make up the center of the search engine optimization policy. This is because they are merely like any other page. Google sees all of them in a precisely similar way. With this, it is best to consider and handle each and every page on the site as a potential landing page. Demonstrate this as part of the search engine optimization tactics.

4. SEO companies are all about ranking.

People could possibly wander off in their enthusiasm to be included on page one of Google’s search engine results. Companies consider ranking in search engines as the most essential goal on the planet. How much money a business makes does not directly have an effect on the ranking, and the other way around. This is all about earning profits and hardly anything else. Do not forget about the remainder of the site just for search engine optimization. Pay attention to improving the caliber of consumer experience. Ultimately, conversion is what will increase the profits in the long run.

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SEO Tactics To Take Note Of This Year

Every year, the SEO industry morphs into a new entity with a completely new set of tactics. Keeping up with these, changes can be hectic for any business. However, if you prioritize your strategies well, you are destined for huge dividends in social media marketing and web marketing. As such, professionals and anyone interested in using these tactics to boost their site traffic can use the following search engine optimization tactics.

SEOThe first tactic is to optimize your web pages using tried and tested search engine optimization practices. These include description tags, accurate and unique page titles, improved URL and site structure, easy navigation and heading tags. Others include the use of robots.txt electively, optimized mobile sites, use of rel= “nofollow” in your links, excellent crawler dealing and the generation of superior anchor text. Google has an excellent illustration of all these practices in its 2012 starter guide. Implementing these practices on your site is sure to improve your rankings and increase your website conversions tremendously.

The second tactic is to implement a well thought out social media strategy. This is simply SEO Strategy because the modern consumer is increasingly using mobile devices to access social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. This influences their purchasing decisions greatly. They also share their experiences with their social media contacts. This results in increased brand recognition through recommendations and brand mentions.

According to Edelman Digital, 76 percent of consumers go on to recommend companies, products or services they like to colleagues and friends via social media. Sixty two percent of all shoppers who visit online platforms peruse through product related comments from colleagues and friends on Facebook. Seventy five percent of these consumers click on the link to the retail site. It is apparent that social recommendations influence product discovery as well as searches. This creates a platform where web retailers can engage with potential customers. Social media allows web merchants and their clients to share both positive and negative experiences on the site. This creates a redress opportunity for both parties.

The third SEO tactic to consider using for your web marketing engagement is developing mobile apps and mobile pages. With the increase in the use of mobile devices as a means of accessing the internet especially for consumers on the go, it makes a lot of sense to come up with optimized page versions of your site for mobile devices. Ensure that you optimize your mobile app and site with driving directions, promotion links, contact details and in-store offers.